For us at Circle of Light, every wedding is a joyous occasion! A bride and groom fulfill their dream of being together forever. Age-old traditions such as veils and gowns and flowers and cake and champagne and garters bring elegance, delight and laughter. Families come together who haven't seen each other in a long time. Families meet their new family for the first time. Children frolic and everyone takes pictures, pictures, pictures! Here is a collection of informal pictures from the Circle of Light Wedding Album for your pleasure.


Both deaf, Dawn and Dino had two sign-language interpreters, one for each, so they wouldn't miss anything. They signed their vows to each other . It was beautiful and very moving. We are so honored to have had their wedding here at Circle of Light.


The magic staircase to the Chapel

These boots were made for marrying!

Dancing on the Circle Deck

Favors, Pictures, Candy, Fun!

A dance on the deck amidst the bubbles

Removing the garter Eureka style -- no hands!

Our wonderful caterer strikes again!

No comment needed!

A beautiful double wedding for two best friends from the Phillipines

Cowboy kisses!

Hmmm.... unusual wedding presents!

We love having families with children here...

Sometimes the children have opinions.....

Grandson and Grandpa

Married and ready to ride!

The beautiful colors of an international wedding!

Love the groom's outfit!

A Renaissance Wedding

Seeing double?

Our little man...

How sweet is this!!!

Angels -- at least for now!



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