Please tell guests not to take directions from internet map services, especially MapQuest. Some of these directions are NOT correct and have caused much difficulty. Call us by phone if you need further help. 479-253-2774

From Eureka Springs to Circle of Light:
Go west out of Eureka Springs on Highway 62. You'll go through a curvy area and over a bridge through the Lake Leatherwood area, and then more curves and up a hill. At the top of the hill you'll see signs for Beaver Dam and then a big Exxon station on the left called River Lake Outdoor Center. At that corner is the junction of Highway 62 and 187. Turn left on 187 at the EXXON, go approximately five miles. You'll see a realty sign on your left called New Horizon Realty. Right after this sign, 187 will take a turn to the right. As it does, Mundell Road goes left and you take Mundell. At that point there is a large brown sign before you with the names of businesses in this area. You will see Circle of Light, with an arrow pointing left. Go four miles to the very end of Mundell Road. Stay right after you pass the Roadrunner Inn. Mundell Road dead ends at the entrance gate to Starkey Park, a camp ground. The last driveway on the left before the Starkey Park gate is Circle of Light. There is a big round sign, Weddings on the Lake. Our driveway is directly across from the fire station. The address is 3969 Mundell Road. Come down the driveway to the chapel. P.S. If you end up in the park, turn around.

To come to Circle of Light, from the West:
You would come on Highway 62 toward Eureka Springs. About 12 or 13 miles before you get to Eureka Springs, you'll go through little towns called Busch, Gateway. After this begin looking for Highway 187. First there is a Highway 187 North that turns left and says Holiday Island on the sign. Do not take that 187. But then a half-mile further you'll see 187 South that turns to the right and goes to Beaver Dam. Take that road. You'll go about five miles, go across the dam. Two and ½ miles past the dam, after you've gone up the hill, you'll come to a "Y" in the road. Highway 187 goes to the left and Mundell Road goes sharply to the right. There is a big brown and white sign at this point, full of arrows that say things like Beaver Lake Cottages, Starkey Marina, Roadrunner Inn. Circle of Light is also on this sign. Take Mundell Road to the right. Go to the end of Mundell, which is going to be about four miles. After you pass the Roadrunner Inn, Mundell Road curves to the right. Stay on Mundell. About one-half mile past that curve, at the very end of Mundell road you'll see the gate that goes into Starkey Park. About 50 feet. before that gate, Circle of Light is the last driveway on the left, across from the fire station. There is a big four foot round sign that says Weddings on the Lake. The address is 3969 Mundell.

You may use a GPS but we give warning that they do not always work with the small curvy roads in our quaint Eureka Springs. Follow these directions and you will come right to our door.

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