May 23, 2012

Showing Carrie the cake
Happiness all around

Itís very fun when a bride gets everything she wants for her wedding. Carrie had seen some pictures of a seemingly very complicated cake. We didnít know if we could produce it, especially since she had a definite budget. I told her that. She was gracious and told us to make something beautiful.

Our baker loves a challenge so he decided to make a cake as close to the picture she had given us as possible. I decided to surprise her. The cake emerged as a gorgeous masterpiece, and Carrie was beyond surprised and very happy.

February 14, 2012

We offer Family Medallions which parents can purchase. In our service, each child comes forward and together the couple places the medallion on the child while they speak a vow to that child. This is followed by a hug. Usually there isnít a dry eye in the chapel!

The little medallions come in a lovely keepsake box with a place for a picture. So the children can place their picture receiving the medallion in their little treasure chest.

January 15, 2012

Is there anything more fun that a cowboy wedding? The hats, the boots, the belts, the swagger? Hey, itís our thing in this part of the country, isnít it? At Circle of Light we do a lot of cowboy weddings and we love them, along with the stories of ranching and roping and rodeos that go along with them. So, polish up your boots and join us! You can park your horse in the Circle of Light corralÖ.

May 3, 2011

We often "fall in Love" with the people we marry at Circle of Light. How can you help it? They are in Love and they share their Love with us in the most wonderful ways. But...extra special in our hearts recently are Mary and Gerald from Louisiana. We re-married them in a beautiful 25 year Renewal service. Their beautiful children Tayte and Sayhra were with them. Mary started planning this with us long ago and kept it a secret from Gerald for a long time. Finally, however, she had to confess! Mary designed her own dress and veil. They wrote their own renewal vows to each other and it was a very moving service in every way... BUT the story continues.

Mary, Gerald and children spent the week nearby at Beaver Lake Cottages. They had a wonderful time exploring Eureka Springs and Branson, despite a lot of rainy weather. You can imagine our they are on THEIR vacation...when they announced that they were making Gumbo for us! (and for the Cottage owners as well). As Mary explained, when you cook in Louisiana, you cook for the whole neighborhood! Two different evenings they arrived at Circle of Light with huge containers of delicious, authentic Cajun Gumbo... Yum, yum! Now how special is that!! Thank you, Mary and Gerald, for being in our life and we hope you won't wait another 25 years before returning to Circle of Light and renewing your vows and our friendship!

March 5, 2011


March 3rd is Wesley Hart's birthday and now it is also his Wedding Anniversary and the Wedding Anniversary of his wife's son. Does this sound a little confusing? Not really! Circle of Light was the host for two consecutive weddings and a joint reception on that date for Sharla and Wesley, Kirk and Beverly at Circle of Light. At the reception Wesley blew out candles on his birthday groom's cake with beautiful Native American designs. Sharla and Wesley met almost 30 years ago on July 4, 1982 and talked about getting married for many years. They chose Wesley's birthday this year so he could remember the date! As they made their plans, Sharla's son decided to marry his sweetheart, too. The weather was so mild that the first wedding took place on the Circle Deck, with 67 degree temperature. The second wedding was in the Sacred Circle Chapel. The whole family participated and a super time was had by all!

February 16, 2011


Bride and Groom


Nothing can stop the partnership of a beautiful wedding and Circle of Light Wedding Chapel. Despite all the snow (over a foot here, remarkable for Northwest Arkansas), we had six wonderful weddings over Valentine's weekend. We recommended four-wheel drives (we have a long sloping driveway to the lake). The Nature Spirits must have heard our prayers because snow melted, and the sunsets were some of the most spectacular we have had! Love, Love, Love ruled and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Saturday evening brought an absolutely sensational sky at the wedding of Kaye and TJ. Pals in high school, off in different directions and reunited after 40 years, this beautiful couple were the perfect Valentine SoulMates. Their delight in each other and their personal vows brought everyone to tears. There was much laughter over their groom's cake (shown here). We feel so blessed to have been given the assignment of uniting people who truly are meant for each other...

December 22, 2010

Car Cake
Chris' perfect racing car
Rachael and Chris
Rachael and Chris on the Circle Deck

This adorable cake -- really a work of art -- was part of the wedding festivities for Rachael and Chris who got married here at Circle of Light. Our wonderful baker, Lee, made it from a picture. Rachael gave it to her new husband as a surprise, and it delighted everyone! When Chris' little daughter came into the room, she shouted: "It's daddy's car!" We love making special moments at your wedding. Grooms cakes are one way to do it!

July 29, 2010


We truly enjoy making your wedding "the way you want it." Recently we had a very horsey couple who wanted their wedding to reflect their interests and loves. They found a wonderful cake design... and our baker, Lee, made it to perfection. Here's an artist at work, folks! We thought you would enjoy seeing Home on the Range in cake form.....

Another way to bring a theme into your wedding while keeping the traditional white wedding cake is to order a groom's cake. We have had groom's cakes -- usually they are chocolate sheet cakes -- in many different designs with themes such as golf, football, hunting, a huge guitar, university logos... anything that is a special interest of the groom. We then serve a small piece of groom's cake along with each piece of the wedding cake. (Those who are chocolate lovers sometimes request a "larger" piece.) : )

April 25, 2010

Wedding Planner

Thoughts from a Wedding Planner

Sometimes people who come to Circle of Light tell me I have the best job in the world, and I don't argue! First of all, being at Circle of Light is one of the greatest gifts one could ever receive. The woods, the sky, the LAKE, the squirrel and deer (and of course our own doggies and kitties) make each day a joy.

The most delightful thing is giving people the perfect setting for the start of a new life together. Even if a couple has been together for some time, a wedding service shifts everything, wonderfully, to a deeper and more meaningful level. We pride ourselves on creating the individual wedding each person wants. Sometimes that means very simple (but elegant) in our rural atmosphere with the peace of the lake. Often people say they cannot believe how quiet it is at Circle of Light (minus a few occasional speedboats)!

It's especially fun when a couple comes with a theme for a reception (Hawaiian dress, Renaissance dress complete with sword, sunflower motifs). Then we can suggest ways to enhance the tables and floral decorations with your own ideas. And yes, sometimes brides do call us (and email) once a day for many weeks. Maybe they are nervous, or their ideas of what they want are evolving. We are very used to handling many details (and changes). We don't mind at all and only wish to make your day truly YOUR DAY!

Even though it's a lot of work, it is, I admit, one of the most perfect jobs in the world when you are surrounded by people who are having the happiest day of their life. I love my work and love seeing your smiling faces! Shanna, Wedding Planner for Circle of Light

April 12, 2010


I'm blogging today about Doug, our wedding photographer at Circle of Light and green thumb (the grounds and gardens are his province). Doug is a magnificent artisan who, besides photography, creates glass beads, hand-made drums and woodworking. He is a general genius with everything in the realm of engineering, fixing, and quick miracles.

A few wedding stories prove my point. At one wedding, the Maid of Honor's 3 inch stiletto heel suddenly gave way and cracked in the middle. Doug rushed it to his art studio and with the help of a reinforcing splint and some super glue had it back on her foot in record time.

But the story of stories (in my view) was Doug's historic "bouquet fix." A bride decided to bring her own flowers and arrived with a huge box nestling an enormous bouquet of fresh flowers, a grand cascade she had transported all the way from Tulsa. It was, indeed, a beautiful mixture of lilies, roses and many exotic blooms, elegantly executed in a circular plastic holder.

The only problem was that whoever had created the bouquet had turned the plastic holder the wrong way when putting it together. Instead of a handle around which her hand would fit, there was an awkward misdirected piece of plastic going off into nowhere. This made it impossible for the bride to hold the heavy floral display in her hand. Doug promised he would do his best, and passed by the kitchen on his way to the magic repair room, his art studio.

He was gone about five minutes but when he returned, the holder looked like a normal circular traditional holder, except that it had white tape around it. The bride tried it on and found it "perfect!" Later when we asked him what he had done, he replied, "Oh, I just sawed off the holder that was there, stuck in a kitchen fork and secured it and taped the whole thing back up."

My point? Please don't worry about your Circle of Light wedding. We truly service our brides and grooms and we feel confident when we say our Doug can fix anything!



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