The Outdoor Circle Deck

Suspending you in the beautiful lake view with the beauties of nature surrounding, the Circle Deck makes a spectacular backdrop for an outdoor ceremony or reception. An artfully arranged flowered wedding arch evokes a fairy tale wedding. The bride may enter from the lovely fountain in the flower-carpeted front garden, crossing the deck to her groom. The Circle Deck is the scene of the most spectacular sunsets ranging from bright oranges and yellows to pale pinks and lavenders. Miniature lights enhance this setting. The Circle Deck can also be used for your reception, perfect for dancing to the tunes of a DJ. Seating capacity for a wedding is about 30 people.

Sharing our romantic view
with each other

The Outdoor Deck with a
wedding of colorful splendor

A romantic pastel-colored sky!

Enter from the Garden across the Deck to Your Groom

A full Deck Wedding in Progress

A love serenade with the fall foliage

Sunset Room

This elegant room is the heart of Circle of Light. With a wall of windows facing the lake, its glorious sunsets and stunning lake views will take your breath away. Vaulted ceilings, polished oak floors and a crystal chandelier create an ambiance of magic. The central window has a wedding arch adorned with silk flowers. This is where the bridal couple stands, framed by two spiral candelabra. The foliage of ferns and peace lilies add their light. An antique wooden fireplace provides atmosphere and winter warmth. A beautiful oak staircase creates a perfect entrance way for the bride.

The Sunset Room adjoins the Reception Room and the Circle Deck, all with incredible views of Beaver Lake. Capacity for a wedding in the Sunset Room is 25 people. The room is also open and available as part of the Reception area during Eternal Circle Weddings. The Sunset Room and the Chapel also provide alternative wedding locations impervious to the weather, should Mother Nature not cooperate for an outside wedding on the Deck.

The Wedding Arch with view of the lake beyond

A bridal pose before the antique fireplace

A Service in the Sunset Room overlooking the lake

Throwing the Bridal Bouquet

A spectacular sky from the Sunset Room...

A view in the mirror of the Sunset Room

The Sacred Circle Chapel

Our Chapel has an atmosphere of serene elegance. The wedding couple is framed in a stunning floor-to-ceiling arched glass window, crowned with flower garlands and live plants and enhanced by sidelights. The incredible lake view creates a perfect backdrop. Spiral candelabra cast their light across polished antique wood pews, the hallmark of the Chapel. A hand-laid tile floor is heated in the winter. A lustrous red oak staircase with mosaic tile landings offers the bride a perfect descent. In the winter a fire crackles in the large, native stone fireplace. Seating capacity for a wedding in the Chapel is 65 people.

Descending the Magic Staircase

A glorious sunset during a Chapel wedding

The Sacred Circle Chapel (seats 65)

The Wedding Arch with lake beyond (in winter the floor is heated)



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